World Diabetes Day – Sign the Petition!

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There is a campaign going to try and persuade Google to do a fancy doodle for Diabetes Day.

Go sign the petition – its free and it will help save lives….

Sign the Petition

The more people who know about diabetes, the less undiagnosed diabetics there will be – and right now they reckon there as many undiagnosed as there are diagnosed.

Go – sign the petition – it could be one of your relatives that benefits!

Diabetes and Its Connection With Being Overweight

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OK – this is a subject that many people get emotional about.

There is evidence that people who are overweight are more likely to be diabetic – that much is true.

It is really important to understand what that sentence means though.

If you are overweight, then there is a greater chance that you will also be diabetic.

That is not the same as saying that being overweight can cause diabetes, in fact there is some evidence to suggest that it may be the other way round – at least in part.

As researchers start to recognise that the ‘early stages of diabetes’ happen a lot earlier than they previously suspected, they start to see more and more thin and normal weight people who show signs of diabetes – tracking these people allows them to see that the two conditions can go hand-in-hand – in other words, it may actually be the diabetes that is responsible for the weight gain, or at least some of it, and not the other way round.

Why is this important?

Well, it certainly isn’t a suggestion that we diabetics shouid stop trying to lose weight – far from it – there is plenty of evidence that losing weight helps improve our symptoms.

The reason it is important is because it helps to remove some of the stigma and guilt from being overweight and diabetic, and if that helps more diabetics to accept and treat their condition, or more overweight people go for testing, it is well worth discussing

My Dogs on the Beach

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This is nothing to do with diabetes, other than the fact that I should do more walking with my dogs on the beach.

It actually just a testing whether I can post a YouTube embeded video with screwing up the whole blog!

Anyway, here it is :

Dogs on the Beach

If my ‘dogs on the beach’ video is working OK, then I have cracked the problem!

For those dog lovers out there, the big dog is a Groenendael (Belgian Shepherd), the little one is a staffie-x.

Diabetes and Vacations

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OK, its vacation time again, and that presents a few problems for us diabetics.

I’m off to stay in a luxury villa in Vilamoura this year, but before getting on the plane there is some basic preparation to be done.

First, make sure you have all your meds with you – I need insulin, so I need to pack enough and some to spare, and also take a cooler bag for transport.

Second, make sure you can find a well stocked pharmacist near to where you are staying. Fortunately, the company I got my villa from specialise in villas in the Algarve and were able to call ahead to the villa itself and make sure I was covered.

Finally – if you are on insulin, take it in your hand luggage and take enough snacks with you to cover any dealys you may experience.

Have a nice one guys – I will!