Diabetes and Blood Pressure

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If you are diabetic, you are are greater risk from cardiovascular disease even if your blood pressure is not classed as ‘high’ by normal standards, (according to the The American Journal of Medicine).
People with what is known as ‘prehypertension’ (daft word – surely ‘mild hypertension’ would be better) are still at risk of cardiovascular disease. ‘Prehypertension’ is defined as having blood pressure that is within the range of 120.80 to 139.89 mm hg.

There was no mention of who funded the research, which was done at the University of North Carolina.

If you know who funded the research, or know which pharmeceutical companies fund the University, please let is know, then we can make an informed decision on whether this should be taken seriously or not.

Nevertheless, high blood pressure is a real problem for Diabetics – so get yours checked now!

Good Diabetes Control May Improve Your Memory

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According to reports from Reuters, keeping your blood sugar under tight control improves the type of memory you need to perform your normal daily routines.

“Many of the patients with type 2 diabetes may have evidence of mild cognitive dysfunction,” Dr. Christopher M. Ryan, from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, told Reuters Health. “Improving metabolic control and reducing fasting plasma glucose (sugar) levels can lead to an improvement in learning and memory ability.”
The study group was 145 people and the results were statistically significant.

Frankly, although interesting, this comes under the ‘no shit, Sherlock’ category of research.

Having a load of Tate and Lyle’s finest floating round your blood stream is not good – its a toxin. One of the most annoying symptoms of diabetes is the ‘falling asleep’ when a meal causes your blood sugar to go too high. So, having established that high blood sugar can cause you to go into ’shut down’ mode, it doesn’t take an expert to guess that ‘mildly’ high levels cause a few memory issues.

I guess I must be lucky, I can’t remember when I last forgot something.

Baby Wipes Cause Diabetes

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OK – this ‘news’, from the Irish Newspaper, The Sunday Independant, actually reads ‘might cause Diabetes’ – but what sort of wussy headline is that.

It seems that there was a significant rise in the number of babies and small children with type 1 diabetes. There has also been an increase in the use of baby wipes, and researchers believe that these wipes may reduce the amount of minor bugs that help the immune system develop.

It sounds so stupid that it might be true, I suppose. Type 1 diabetes is believed to be caused by an immune system malfunction, so there is something to hang the theory on.
Ironic, isn’t it, all those irritating ‘guilt provoking’ ads for baby wipes, dettol, anti-septic etc might actually be shaming you into a level of cleanliness that damages you babies health.