The Common Cold and Diabetes (part 2)

06.03.06 / Me and My Diabetes / Author: colin

Well, I was supposed to be starting on insulin tomorrow – ain’t gonna happen as planned.

Got a cold, and a right stinker at that.

The problem is, when you have a cold, or any other illness, your body goes into emergency mode and this means releasing loads of glucose into the blood stream. This would no doubt be useful if my body could produce enough bloody insulin to make use of it, but it can’t, so it sucks.

So, why not start the insulin now and deal with it that way?

Its a control thing.

The very first part of the insulin ‘process’ is finding the right dosage by careful control and measurement.  This would be difficult of my cold is causing massive irregular fluctuations. Too many variables that can’t be controlled.

So, I am waiting till the cold has gone, 

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