Insulin and Me, an update…

31.08.06 / Me and My Diabetes / Author: colin

I have been on insulin for a few months now, and boy, do I fell better.

  • I have more energy than I have had for years.
  • I can pretty much eat what I want (OK, I know I shouldn’t, but if I want a dessert, I can have one as long as I inject enough insulin to cover)
  • I no longer fall asleep after meals

On the downside, it really is a pain having to inject myself 4 times a day, but necessary if I want to keep my diabetes under really tight control.

The regime I have have chosen is 3 doses of ‘quick acting’ Novorapid (before each meal) and one dose of "slow acting" Levemir in the evening.

I could have gone for 2 injections a day of a mixture of slow and fast acting, but frankly my lifestyle is so irregular that this would have been problematic and left me with poor control.

Weight gain is a problem. Now all the sugar IS getting into my system, I am tending to put on weight – not good, obviously.

I am trying to comabt this by increased dog walks etc – but it is not making enough difference at the moment.

I am going to have to diet :( :(  

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