My First Diabetic Hypo

12.02.07 / Me and My Diabetes / Author: colin

This was not good.

Not good at all.

I collapsed in the supermarket, broke my cheekbone, smashed my head in and seriously damaged my back.

The result was 3 days in hospital and large amounts of pain and inconvenience.

At the moment  I am still in quite a bit of pain with my back – I am pretty much unable to lie down at all. To sleep I need to sit in an armchair and prop myself up with cushions and duvets etc.

The only real relief I get is when I lie in the bath, which is why I have bought myself a set of Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

Now I can lie in the bath for hours listening to my MP3 collection.

Which once again proves that there is nothing so bad that it can’t be turned into an opportunity to indulge in some retail therapy :)

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