Diabetes and Vacations

21.06.07 / Uncategorized / Author: colin

OK, its vacation time again, and that presents a few problems for us diabetics.

I’m off to stay in a luxury villa in Vilamoura this year, but before getting on the plane there is some basic preparation to be done.

First, make sure you have all your meds with you – I need insulin, so I need to pack enough and some to spare, and also take a cooler bag for transport.

Second, make sure you can find a well stocked pharmacist near to where you are staying. Fortunately, the company I got my villa from specialise in villas in the Algarve and were able to call ahead to the villa itself and make sure I was covered.

Finally – if you are on insulin, take it in your hand luggage and take enough snacks with you to cover any dealys you may experience.

Have a nice one guys – I will! 

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