Starting with Insulin

21.02.06 / Me and My Diabetes / Author: colin

… or at least I hope I am.

This friday is the day I go in for the insulin consultation. I have been on Gliclazide and Metformin for the last few years and it has stopped working – that is , my blood glucose levels are too high even on the highest medication dosage allowable.

FWIW, this slide towards insulin was not gradual – everything was tickety-boo until about 2 months ago when, in the space of a week, it all went to pot. Fasting blood sugar levels of 6.5 turned into 9.5 overnight – increasing the meds made no difference. I persevered for a few weeks and then decided enough was enough – I’m down the insulin route.

Many doctors use the threat of insulin as a stick to beat you into taking your meds and doing plenty of exercise, “if you aren’t a good little boy, the insulin bogey man will get you” kind-of-thing. This makes many people scared of insulin as if it is some kind of ‘final’ treatment that confirms that there is no return, you have failed, and the grave now beckons.

This is an outrageous state of affairs. Every type of medication has more risks associated with it than correctly administered insulin. With insulin you can keep your blood sugar levels under tight control far easier than you can with meds. Tight control improves your long term health prospects.

So why aren’t we all put on insulin immediately?

The answer is in the words “correctly administered insulin”.

If you are not ready to face up to regular monitoring and keeping track of your carbs, then stay on the meds for as long as you can. Better still, slap yourself upside the head a few times and start taking it seriously.

Personally, the more I learn about insulin, the more I wish I had gone onto it right at the start.

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